How Top Renovations Makes Kitchen Look Attractive? (Updated Guided)

Can there be a home without a kitchen? No way. We can see that you are nodding your approval for this answer. For the children, it is the place where the favorite recipes get cooked to satisfy their small tummy. And for the adults (men and women), the kitchen comes across as a room where they can display their affection for the family members by cooking famous recipes. But yes, the kitchen needs to have ambiance and elegance. In this article, let us focus on renovations to make the kitchen look attractive.


  1. Hardware

You will agree to the suggestion, right? If you have an old piece of furniture, it is time to change the model. And replace the steel glasses and tumblers with unbreakable transparent glass vessels.


  1. Colors

Various colors can influence the mood of man. For example, light blue color can instill peace fillings and red color can fuel up your appetite. But, home improvement experts suggest the walls be painted in light colors. The reason, you need to be at peace with the “SELF” while having food for your body.


There is also another advantage. The light colors tend to reflect light while the dark colors can absorb light. The colors can also hide scratches and dents in the walls.


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  1. Ceiling

Yes, you can paint the walls, but how about doing the same to the ceiling? If you have a blue chandelier, you can add buttercream paint to space.

Paint With Various Shades


If needed, you can also paint the walls with different shades of color. However, ensure that the kitchen does not become the laughing stock for your relatives. But if you have sought the help of a professional painter, he can help select the best combination of colors.


Paint It – Two Tones


Are you not comfortable with a combination of colors? Then go for only two colors.


  1. Cabinet Doors

Do you have old weathered cabinets in the kitchen? Then replace them entirely with new woodwork of dark color. The light color walls and dark color cabinet woodwork will give a new feel to the kitchen. Adopt a new style. Create open shelves for laying the glass utensils and essential items.


E. Change Lighting

Lightbulbs hanging on the ceiling

How can you change the lighting in the kitchen? Is there a way? You can install the new chandeliers and other types of light work. If you have installed the natural light bulbs, the kitchen will look normal. You can make a variety of colors and make renovations to make the kitchen look attractive. With lighting, you can play with design and style.


F. Artwork

Well, we know you will feel surprised. But a frame containing artwork can not only hide the dirt or scratches in the kitchen but also elevate any room. You can add artwork with bold colors, to make the kitchen look big. If you are staying in a rented house, hanging works of art is one among the many renovations to make the kitchen look attractive.


  1. Stainless Steel Appliances

Do you have appliances of stainless steel? Then paint them black. This year, many homeowners had painted their bathroom faucets and steel sink black. Ensure the painting is done properly by a professional.


  1. Window Treatment

Do you have bare windows without the blinds? Then ensure you add them from the outside of the window grills. Ensure you select a suitable color. If you select a white blind, the fumes from the kitchen will make them look dirty.


  1. Small Appliances

Yes, a kitchen will contain many tiny appliances such as the toaster, coffee maker and blender. Do not keep them in a cluster on the kitchen counter. You can stack them in the basement of the kitchen counter and cover them with wall cloth. When needed, you can use them.


  1. Pattern

How about changing the tiles on the floor? You can change the normal tiles to look bright and involve many patterns.


  1. Unfinished

There was a time when every portion of the kitchen was filled with color. Now, it is the style to keep a portion of the wall exposed. As per home improvement experts, it can give a laid back feel to the entire environment.



A kitchen renovation is a one-time investment. Do not forget to note down the points regarding renovations to make the kitchen look attractive.

A kitchen is the most decorative part of the home. And hardware such as glasses, cookers, and blenders can be considered as the important parts in a kitchen. Do you want to make your home exude ambiance and grace? Then ensure you follow the points given in this article regarding renovations to make the kitchen look attractive.